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ALL DAY BREAKFAST (8am – 3.00pm)

PASSIONFRUIT MIMOSA a glass of Seppelts Fleur De Lys sparkling chardonnay pinot noir infused with passionfruit pulp and topped off with mint from the Harvest garden frozen in ice G $10.50
TOAST w. two slices of sourdough toast and your selection of two spreads: honey, jam, peanut butter, Vegemite* $6.90
FULL OF FRUIT LOAF toasted w. butter $8
NUTTY HOUSEMADE GRANOLA w. natural yoghurt, local honey & seasonal fruit (FF) $13.50
RICE PUDDING w. FRESH FIGS creamy rice pudding infused with cinnamon and vanilla, topped with fesh figs and honeyed hazelnuts (GF, V) $14.90
NASHI PEAR WAFFLES w. housemade waffles topped with poached Nashi pears, a lime & ginger syrup, honeyed hazelnuts and vanilla cream (V) $17.50
SHAKSHUKA w. two poached eggs in a spicy capsicum, tomato and paprika sugo with fresh coriander and a side of turkish bread (V, DF, VGO) $16.90
Add: feta $2.00 or Salt Kitchen chorizo $4.50
CORN FRITTERS w. three corn & zucchini fritters, a roasted corn & chilli salsa, chivey sour cream and two poached eggs (V) $16.90
ZAATAR CRUSTED CAULIFLOWER on a bed of romesco sauce w. wilted beetroot leaves, a fresh herb salad and toasted pumpkin seeds (GF, DF, VN) $16.90 **Please note this dish contains nuts**
Add: two poached eggs $4.00 or Salt Kitchen chorizo $4.50
BUBBLE & SQUEAK w. two poached eggs & Salt Kitchen® ham off the bone, on ‘bubble & squeak’ (potato & vegetable hash), topped with chivey sour cream (GF, FF) $17.90
BACON & EGG TURKISH TOASTIE w. tomato relish, rocket, melted cheese, bacon & two
fried eggs* $13.50
KEEP IT SIMPLE w. two eggs (poached/scrambled – 50c/fried), premium bacon w. spiced tomato chutney, served on toasted sourdough* (DF) $15.50
HARVEST BREAKFAST Two eggs (poached/scrambled – 50c/fried) on sourdough toast* $10.50


Additional egg $3.00 Whole salt roasted tomatoes $3.00 Thyme scented mushrooms $4.00 Salt Kitchen® breakfast sausages $4.50 Bacon $4.50 Salt Kitchen® chorizo $4.50 Bubble & Squeak hash $4.00 Avocado half $4.00 Chutney $1.00

BREKKIE FOR KIDS (12 and under)

DIPPY EGGS w. buttered toast soldiers* $8
CHEESY SCRAMBLED EGGS on a piece of sourdough toast* $9
DOLLAR PANCAKES w. two small pancakes, strawberry, banana and maple syrup. topped with a dollap of vanilla cream (V) $9.00

LUNCH (11.30am – 3.00pm)

OPEN STEAK SANDWICH on toasted sourdough* w. scotch fillet, Dijon mustard, cheddar cheese, lettuce, juicy tomato and house made bread & butter pickles w. a side of crushed baby potatoes $22.00
CHICKEN AND LEEK COTTAGE PIE w. peas, carrots and tarragon, topped with fluffy mash and served w. a seasonal salad (GF) $15.90
ROASTED CAULIFLOWER SALAD w. almonds, cherry tomatoes, zucchini, puffed quinoa, fresh herbs & yoghurt (GF, V, VGO) $16.50
Add: chorizo $4.50 or shredded chicken $4.50
GLUTEN FREE LUNCH OF THE DAY (GF) w. our seasonal salad $15.50
Please see our specials board for today’s flavour.
CHICKEN AND HERB BAGUETTE w. chicken, chive, parsley, tarragon & mayonnaise* (DF) $12.50
ROASTED SWEET POTATO FLATBREAD w. roasted sweet potato, a tomato and capsicum sugo, fetta and a side of herby dipping sauce (V, VGO) $11.90
CROQUE MADAME Salt Kitchen® ham off the bone and Gruyere cheese, sandwiched between two slices of toasted sourdough, topped with mustard infused béchamel sauce and a poached egg $15.50
MINI GRAZING PLATE FOR KIDS w. Salt Kitchen ham, cheese cubes, carrot sticks, chivey sour cream & fruit $9.90


House marinated Red Rock olives $6.90
PLOUGHMAN’S LUNCH w. Salt Kitchen® ham, vintage cheddar, onion relish, pickled red onion, cornichons and sourdough $14
HARVEST CHEESE PLATE* A selection of Otway cheeses, fruit, nuts and spreads w. crunchy bread and crackers $28.00

Harvest Halls Gap is a cafe, provedore and accommodation that is nestled in the midst of the Grampians and prides itself on showcasing local produce.

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